37 00N 73 03W

Charlie Bruinette
Sat 19 Sep 2009 00:32
Am all depressed. The F forcaster needs both knees drilled with a 1/2 bit. F useless. It would seem as if I managed to get through the worst of the Gulf Stream. Today I experienced drift rates of up to 5.2 knots, but it is down now to 1.8 ish. If only I can get SOME FUCKING WIND. FUCK! I have again manage to drift over 100 miles norteast & am starting to get seriously pissed. I had USS Freedom make a few passes, and they were very nice & curteous. Put me in touch with USCG Norfolk 24 hr operations desk. d05-smb-d5cc {CHANGE TO AT} uscg {DOT} mil I'll send them a nice letter, but I do not really have an emergency. I am due east of Chesapeake Bay, so after all the shit & drama of the last ten days. It is still the closest port at 130 miles. Hopefully I get some wind tomorrow. Its in the forecast dear. Hopefully I can get there by tuesday???????????