36 42N 70 42W

Charlie Bruinette
Mon 14 Sep 2009 22:50
Another 40 miles & I'll be full circle as of a week ago. I trieed beating North again today just to see if the current has diminished some & I got an impressive 0.3 knots. Winds have been very light Northerly, and the harder it blows, the more west I get of course. Cannot be much longer now. Looks as it I need another Low passing over to release me from this predicament, but I need to be very careful what I wish for. The Last Low, (at this location incidently) gave me a lot of angst. I have decided to head for the USA coast to re supply, as I'm out of Claret, & I only have 1 Burgendy left. The situation is becoming untenable. I'll wait & see where as it is wind & obviously Current dependent. But all things being equal, Chesapeake is the preferred choise. It's easier to enter & offer accesable shelter. Of course, friends are there too.