21 25,9671N 71 09,0885W

Charlie Bruinette
Mon 24 Aug 2009 23:25
Hi gang. Safe & sounbd Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos. Jees what a trash hole. A dump does it credit! I ran out of SAT Airtime. Thought it best to get some more credit. My Hp died & it chewed up a bunch of minutes, About 30 is my guess. I'm sore as its dear. The grib files also take 4 to 5 min to load. but thats worth gold at sea. otherwise Ill have to do the old Barometer thing & hope for the best. Lucky I got a word to dixie that alls well. So much to tell. Im way off course for starters, so now I have to go for the gulf stream. It should go well but it adds 600 miles to my trip. Got hammered off porto rico by huge swell, & 30 knots to 0 on friday. the boat was all over the place. Then  very little wind till Sun eve. The last 24 hrs was 20 average. easy to deal with if its this constant. Having Dinner. More tomorrow after a goot tuck & nap