40 56N 70 16W

Charlie Bruinette
Tue 6 Oct 2009 12:24
Time to see what the weather brings. Yesterdays forecast was for a major gale over this area tomorrow. That will be winds over 40 knots with higher gusts. To put it in perspective, it is about the same as a tropical storm exept that here we are not looking at any rotation. The winds will be Westerly. I can beat into Nantucket for shelter. This will cost me a day in, a day out, and two days waiting for the storm to blow itself past. Or I could run on a port tack before the wind and try stay as close to my course for Halifax as possible. If all goes well I could be there and at anchor in three days. The rub is the water sloshing in the bilge. The leak fom the keel grows steadily worse and it heralds a major problem. A cruise stopping problem. I think that I should be able to deal with the problems for another 96 hrs at least, so canada is still the option of choice. But let me go get my forecast. I'll wait and see what the weather brings.