39 17N 17 00W

Charlie Bruinette
Sun 4 Oct 2009 02:36
Good weather. Doing some miles. It's the best day so far. Also one of the more comfortable ones. The boat sure have taken a beating in the last 40 days. One of the keel bolts is leaking & I'm taking water, but it's manageable. I'll have to haul in Halifax & drop the keel to replace the bolts. They are important as they hold the boat upright & they are now 35 years old. Did not have the time or dosh to do it in Norfolk. I am fairly close to shore, about 30 miles & on the western edge of the current. Great position but a lot of ships & fishing boats. Catnap one hour at a time. Getting chilly too. Looking forward to a proper winter again. It will be the first one in ten years. Perhaps I'll go skiing again. Sure was fun last time.