36 06N 70 50W

Charlie Bruinette
Wed 16 Sep 2009 00:21
Have you ever wondered if there is the possibility of having a day with no weather? From a going somewhere, anywhere, sailing (or thinking you are), perspective; this was that day. Sails up hanging like a wet tea towel over the edge of the sink. The boat doesn't even sway side to side. When I move from one side to the other, I can see the ripples move to obscurity. Who coined the phrase "A painted ship on a painted sea" Was it actually CS Forrester? Or did he quote it? I'm still cruising to the South at better than 40 miles a day, by the looks of the current. It does seem to be abating abit. I started with 3,3 knots of current. I long for some company. Not much in terms of correspondence so far. I sneaked a hint to my mom. Got back "Thinking of you & good luck". J wept. Thanks.