Should I go or should I stay

Charlie Bruinette
Thu 27 Aug 2009 23:27
Enough of this. Spent most of the week trying to get through to Necol in Sint Maarten, to top up the credits on the Sat phone. If only I knew that the company that sells you the SIM card is the only F Company in the whole wide world that can top you the F up. How shit is that? If only I knew that I would not have bought it from a company in the third F world. I know better. I worked for a third world company for years. I've sent my billing information by email & tried contacting them by phone. I must be the only yachtsman whose Sat Phone service provider is on holiday. F! Well I'm going shopping first thing in the morning, check out with customs & immigration & if I have Comms at sea, great, thanks a lot. If not, F em. Looks as if I will enjoy about 5 perhaps more days of light southerly winds. It's what I need, as I'm a little fat to the west as it is, and with southerlies I won't have to come quite so close when reacing north. The next Low pressure system seems 5 to 6 days away & it could go anywhere. The last two went north. What are the odds? I did some work on my ARIES self steering and expect it to be more responsive, and easier to get working right. I might have opportunity for a quick email in the morning, but if not, when I get to Nova Scotia. God Bless.