Frigate Island

S/V Twende
Jan Dehn
Thu 9 Jun 2022 23:46
Frigate Island is on the Southern end of Union Island in the St Vincent Grenadines. It is the site of a 20-year old derelict marina complex, which has now been turned a nature reserve. Marine and bird life is abundant. Great anchorage too with anchor balls provided for free. Underwater, we saw a very large 8-armed octopus, a very large Green Moray, and dozens of lobster. In the air, Morten clocked up his 35th and 36th new “lifer” species, namely the Greater Yellow Leg and the Cabbit Tern, both balancing on a cake of Sargassum Weed. A weather front passed over Union Island today, giving a grey look to the day, but also regularly drenching us with welcome fresh rain water after a week with Saharan dust everywhere. Tomorrow we take the taxi to Clifton to check out of St Vincent, although we keep the boat here cos it’s too nice!