Position 18 02.198N 63 06.117W

S/V Twende
Jan Dehn
Tue 8 Mar 2022 12:10
Twende has arrived at Simpson Bay in Dutch St Marteen after a 14 hour sail overnight from Barbuda. Night sailing is fine! We had good visibility despite onky a thin sliver of moon. It got busy near St Marteen with several cruise ships and some fishermen to avoid. Wind averaged about 20 knots and the sea was quite confused, the choppiness worsened by easterly winds but waves coming from north, that is hitting us side-on. But otherwise a nice sail, really like crusing now that seasickness has been banished! The famous beach where planes land right in top of bathers is just half a mile away. Simpson Bay is insanely busy. Now onto customs and immigration in order to get legal!

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