S/V Twende
Jan Dehn
Wed 19 Jan 2022 23:34
Thoroughly pleased with our 40 days in French West Indies. Health services here are excellent. Professionals are competent and reliable. Tourism is everywhere, but the industry feels far less intrusive than in English-speaking islands. Many people speak English, if you give it a go at French first. Guadeloupe and the smaller islands - Marie Galante and Les Saintes - are beautiful, lush. The government is serious about preserving the fragile eco systems, with a clear presence to enforce the law. Loved Anse Canot on Marie Galante, Pain de Sucre in Les Saintes as well as Deshaies on Basseterre (this is where ‘Death in Paradise’, a fairly run of the mill English TV crime seried is filmed). These islands are both far less formal and far less commercialised than other Caribbean islands I have been to. At the same time, they are very distinctly French and as such both exude a very particular charm, but also an otherworldliness, a sense that time has simply not passed as quickly here as elsewhere. In short, a great experience! Merci!

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