Quick thoughts

S/V Twende
Jan Dehn
Wed 1 Jun 2022 21:27
The southern bit of windward islands in the Caribbean - south of St Lucia that is - has some of the best places we have seen so far on the entire trip. Perhaps it is also the fact that the season is over, so there are fewer tourists, but nature here is genuinely special. It easily beats anything we have seen anywhere else in the Caribbean. Tobago Cays where are are located now is not only super peaceful, but also has by far the best coral, bird, and sea-life we have seen anywhere. The bigger islands are also green and wild, with crazy numbers of birds. And the people are totally chill, maybe cos they smoke tons of weed. Twende is for sale, but we are in no hurry to sell. This part of the world is just to sweet to not enjoy for as long as possible.