Atlantic crossing from Bermuda. 10

Fri 8 Jun 2007 16:06
An uneventful Thursday slopping along in light wind but from the right quarter at least. All changed at about 6 pm when the wind went more round to the west, almost dead astern and reduced to about 8 knots, we were going nowhere. Doused the headsail,  gybed the Main and Mizzen sails and decided to await developments. No change in the situation till much later, the wind shifted slightly more round to the north west, and from my bunk I could hear the clumping of tiny feet as sails were readjusted, the action driven by the impatient Michel. Navigating around this area has exposed big holes in my geographical knowledge. I have always imagined Bermuda to be further south than it  really is, and the Azores much further north. In fact, with still well over a thousand miles to go we are sailing almost due east, 96 degrees to be exact, and heading straight for the islands. The outbound journey was about 2800 miles from the Canaries to St Lucia, but the return via Bermuda about 1800. Obviously the trip north up the Caribbean to the Virgin Islands and across to Bermuda has to be taken into account, but somehow the return trip seems shorter. Cruising gently at about 5 knots over a slight sea this morning, very pleasant. Last nights run not bad despite the lack of wind,  130 miles. Sue reading the camera instruction manual at last, Richard cooking lunch, Joel fishing and on watch, Michel tapping away on the other computer. Easy aint it!  Weather forecast promises somewhat fiercer conditions to come so must not be complacent. Having fun, still no fish. Manny