Atlantic crossing from Bermuda 22

Fri 29 Jun 2007 14:48
Friday29th June 07
Our last full day at sea after another uncomfortable night. Being extra vigilant  now that we are nearing land,  seeing fishing boats working the continental shelf and the odd cargo boat in the distance is enough to keep us on our toes. .The promised blow began late afternoon from the south west, 25 to 30 knots for most of the night when it slowly went westerly. First thing Friday am. wind dying, bit overcast but a promising brightness up ahead. Lots of scampering about to alter the rig from boomed out Genoa and staysail to standard Genoa and main. Another blow forecast  to commence Saturday and reach its peak on Sunday has forced a change of plan. Regretfully we will not now be visiting the Scillies thinking it prudent to make our way to Falmouth before  the Sowest gale arrives. We now expect to arrive in Falmouth sometime pm on Saturday. Enjoying a pleasant cruise this afternoon, little wind so motoring over a biggish swell under blue skies. Apart from a couple of nasty days early on, the trip has been near perfect so perhaps its as well not to push our luck. About 100 miles to the Lizard now so that's about it, a very successful crossing with great opportunities to visit Bermuda and the great yachting crossroads of the Azores. Knowing that the sea always has a few surprises, I had better not start counting chickens just yet so will sign off after the anchor goes down on Saturday.   Manny