short episode 6

Tue 22 Aug 2006 19:46
Hi everyone from Thisbe on route to the Canaries.
Some difficulty with communications at the moment due to heavy roll in a
following sea. Very uncomfortable for doing anything. Left Sines 9am monday
morning on route to Gran Canaria, 700 miles ish. Seems ages ago already as
writing this Tuesday evening. Not much progress to start with so ran the
engine for about 4 hours. We have worked out that we can motor for up to 10
hours a day on the available fuel but we will obviously use it as little as
possible. Sue is still feeling a bit queasy and out of sorts but still doing
her stuff between horizontal bouts. She prepared a few meals in advance
while alongside which have proved to be a Godsend. While still in sight of
land we were surrounded by a huge school of Dolphins, it was very exciting
watching them play around the boat, you could see them jumping out of the
water a long way off to get a look at us and racing over to join in the fun.
Sue was whooping like a kid. We are aiming at 120 miles a day to keep on
schedule and the forcast looks good for that. So far so good, 130 for the
first 24 hours and scraping towards the 2nd with todays efforts. Alex
discovered a free Wi-Fi broadband connection while on deck in Sines and has
uploaded some daft video clips that you may find amusing. Have a head full of words I want to write
but regret conditions will not allow. All well here and making steady
Love to all. Manny Sue and Alex.