bit weird

Fri 11 Aug 2006 06:09
Do you know, I just finished writing the second bit of the trip and a
strange thing happened. I went up on deck to check things out before turning
in, when I spotted something reflecting the marina lights. It was jammed
down beside the dinghy which is strapped to the deck. Turned out to be the
shaft which fell out of the gooseneck in Biscay. The little grubscrew
holding it in had corroded away allowing it to work its way out. I got to
thinking, how come the bolts, which I bought by mistake in Falmouth, exactly
fitted the mainsheet end fitting we lost on the channel crossing? and how
come the bolt I took out of that old deck fitting months ago, and was
reluctant to throw away, was exactly the right length to fix the boom end
which broke at sea? You cant honestly expect me to believe it had anything
to do with the little guardian angel hanging over my bunk, me ma gave us one
each before we sailed, nah, I cant believe all that stuff ! Funny though