Atlantic crossing from Bermuda 20

Wed 27 Jun 2007 14:39
Monday. Banging to windward all day  and  night, very uncomfortable, not much sleep in the forepeak. Caught another fish during the day, another Bonito about 6 kilos. During the excitement Joel had an accident. While trying to sort out the fish on the rolling afterdeck he lost his balance and butted the outboard engine, which is  fixed to the rail, badly gashing his head. Blood everywhere. Fortunately we have a trained nurse onboard who soon had the situation bandaged. Poor Joel looked like Old Mother Hubbard with the bandage under his chin, later modified into a more manly looking skull pad and bandage.
Tuesday. Wind on the nose all day, steering 85 degrees when we need 55. Sometime during the night it slowly went round more to the west enabling us to correct our course and head for home. Very cold when the sun is hidden. Spotting lots of Whales blowing in the distance but none close enough to see.
Wednesday.  Wind now abeam and the sea a bit more settled, making good time and in the right direction.  Kind folks at home are sending weather forecasts which are quite accurate, promising this fair wind for another couple of days. A big low is brewing somewhere out in the ocean far to the west of us but by the time it arrives we should be either in the Scillies or within spitting distance of Falmouth.  I have to say that the last couple of days has been a trial for me, banging and crashing to windward without much sleep tends to be very wearing.  Spirits remain high on the whole, the Pink Panther is doing his stuff keeping the crew motivated and happy. The grub has lasted well,  Sue and Richard have been taking turns preparing the mid day meal. I like the Sue days best, vinaigrette and Garlic tend to leave an aftertaste.  We had fried  Tuna compliments of Richard, bit red in the middle, but ok. Also a Tuna grillae, good.
 A fish pie and soup by Sue, very nice.  Some fresh sushi was passed around by I let the plate go by, coincidentally I'm sure, but Richard was sick during that night ?  As I write 2.30pm Wednesday we are at  45.49N  12.56W  362 miles from Scilly. Scilly co-ordinates are 49.55N  6.19W.    For the non sailors, one degree is about 60 miles.   The wind has just dropped to zero,  what now? 
 Never a dull moment.    All well.   Manny