Atlantic crossing. Bermuda. 3

Mon 28 May 2007 20:04
Day four.  Guys are swimming !  All onboard now feel well and rested so a cheerful camaraderie has developed. Wind still very iffy with occasional small squalls. We are juggling with the sail versus motor problem as usual. Run the engine too long and risk running out of fuel, or sail very slowly. We opted to sail the last 24 hours and it has paid off  as we now have a small margin,  if the figures are correct could just make it to Bermuda with the engine although given the shoaly nature of the area I am not prepared to risk it. Monday afternoon and we have hoisted the mizzen to make the most of the light breeze. Although 35 degrees off our course we are still heading in a northerly direction and will make adjustments as the wind allows. The watch routine seems to be working well, Sue and me on from 6 to midnight, and Joel and Richard on together till 6 am, started mainly due to Joel's total inexperience,  with Richard he will learn very quickly.
Last night was very rough and uncomfortable driving the boat to windward,  the forepeak was very noisy to say the least. Thanks to Sues sterling efforts the catering is working out very well as usual. Nothing to report on the fishing front, we have overhauled all the gear and do not anticipate any more losses due to equipment failure, the only fish to come aboard have flown under their own steam. Communication presents a little difficulty but also a lot of fun, for example, the French way of teaching the bowline is  'serpent comes out of the well, around the tree and back down again, while the English use the rabbit and hole analogy. Funny lot the French.  Now at 27deg N and 64W with 316 miles to go. Sun is shining, Joel just caught his finger in the fridge, all ok.  Manny.