Atlantic crossing from Azores 19

Mon 25 Jun 2007 12:00
Having some computer problems so not writing as often as I want.
Saturday 23rd.   Fairly quiet day, fair wind from the NW so made quite good progress, about 125 miles. Big news, Joel caught a fish !! a 3 kilo Bonito. a kind of Tuna. Bit of a non event as it turned out. The big birds that follow the boat are a worry as they dive down trying to get the lure, we have already had one accident and its a bit upsetting. We thought we had another one dragging along on the surface but, surprise surprise. a fish. Great excitement for a while. Nothing much else for Saturday.  The wind freshened sharply in the evening so we had a pounding during the night.
Sunday 24th.  Very cold during the morning but slowly warmed up. The wind slackened and went around to the north, almost on the nose, so our course is now taking us to northern Spain which is the best we can do to windward. Richard a bit sick during the night and not too bright this morning, something he ate perhaps ? Bit too bumpy to do much in the galley so scratch meals all day.
Writing this on watch at 1am, very cold and not very comfortable or inspired,
671 miles to the Scillies, if the wind changes in our favour could arrive next Saturday.  Manny
Monday morning. Wind even more northerly so motor sailing into a biggish swell but at least we are now going in the right direction, our position now at 11.30am
43.31N   18.37W  639 miles to the Scillies. Saw whales blowing in the distance, some high cloud but quite bright sunshine. Very cold.