50:29.57N 09:01.00W - Into the Sunshine.

Rob Packham
Tue 1 Jun 2010 14:17
Been a tough 24 hrs but Starry's progress has been good.  
We rounded Fastnet Rock at 0600 this morning and have since been sailing fast with the spinnaker towards the next waypoint mark at 49 North 8 West -a  leg of 157 miles before we turn for Falmouth. (As I write (1500hrs) we have 95 miles left to run) 
We had rain,mist and fog in the run up to Fastnet yesterday afternoon and night with a beat in 18kts of wind for the last 4 hours.  The rain cleared through in the early hours and the moon and sunrise at dawn were special.
Three new crew arrived yesterday afternoon - racing pigeons.   I got the shock of my life coming up the saloon steps when surprised by two of them perched just inches from my face!!  Anyway they were given a room for the night, fed rivita and water and after bedding down on the cockpit floor with piles of pigeon poo everywhere I sent them on their way when we got close to Ireland.   After a couple of attempts at landing back on Starry they flew off towards Clear Island.   I got their ring numbers and will find out where they were going.
Very tired over the last 24 with little sleep in the mist and fog - we had to dodge a couple of fishing boats - some have AIS some not.  Got three good half hours this morning - one the bunk - and feel good now - sunshine and good sailing at 7 -8 kts with the kite always helps!
Star Dancer
1500 Tuesday 1st June
(Jen and I met 36yrs ago today!!!)