51:16.39N 05:54.26W Passage to Wicklow

Rob Packham
Sat 14 Jun 2008 08:52
Star Dancer is making good progress across the Celtic Sea towards Wicklow
with 110nm run and 100nm to Wicklow Head.
Wind is light from the NNW right now and on the nose as we make 348 degrees
course over ground to skirt the SW corner of the Smalls Traffic Separation
Zones (off Pembrokshire)
We set off from Falmouth at 1600 yesterday and had a good tide all the way
to Lands End - motor-sailed most of the way. Saw a couple of Basking Sharks
Round Lands End at 2130 and set course for Wicklow - just West of due North.
The wind picked up and went West for a couple of hours in the night and we
had a good sail but fell away and went North.
We are getting into our 4 hr watch system and both had a good sleep last
night. Giant Pastie and beans for supper!
The AIS is working well with quite a bit of commercial shipping on the same
course as us - headed Dublin and Liverpool in the main.
If this gets to the web diary then the Sat Phone email system is working.
ETA Wicklow at current rate of progress is Sunday AM.
Rob and Tim