37:44.40N 25:39.59W Arrived in Ponta Delgada!

Rob Packham
Mon 11 Jun 2007 13:43
We crossed the finish line at the entrance to Ponta Delgada harbour at 1807
hours UTC yesterday evening (Sunday 10th June).

We had a long day beating along the South coast of Sao Miguel from the East.
Perhaps a mistake in hindsight not to come in from the West but we were
being headed by the wind and pushed to the East. We had 20 to 30 kts on
the nose the whole way for the 25 miles and we were a bit exhausted - but
elated at the finish. We reefed and unreefed at least a dozen times and
short tacked all the way - hardest work on the whole race!
The shower, beer and a good meal were a bit special last night.

We have been waiting on the arrival quay overnight to present our papers
formally at 0900 in a few minutes time. Despite being part of the EU we
have to be cleared by four different Departments (all with offices next to
each other).

A few hours later now and we have gone through the formalities of
registering our arrival and have a berth alongside Ruffian another Class 3
Sea Spine, the other Southerly boat, arrived a couple of hours ago - good to
see them - we were alongside in Falmouth.
Now the clean up and preparation for the return leg starts.
Robert has managed to book a flight back to Holland for Wednesday.
Jenny arrives Friday and John flys in on Sunday ready for the return leg which
starts on Tuesday 19th June.

The provisional results list for Class 3 Boats have us in 2nd place lying 3 hours behind Ruffian for the return leg!
We were the 4th boat to arrive in Class 3 but move up on handicap. Robert and I are smiling!!

Rob and Robert