48:05.49N 10:13.64W Life at an angle

Rob Packham
Tue 26 Jun 2007 15:27
We have now spend the last two and half days sailing the same course with wind from the NNW and making great miles. New record for 24 hour run 186 n miles - beating yesterday! Forecast is for it to continue as a 5/6 backing to the West. We have very good wind - 25/30kts the whole time and building occasionally more. After oversleeping at 0400 this morning I was greated by John with 'i've been dealing with a tanker and 40knot wind while you slept'!!!
A more westerly wind would be great - we are not built to live in a washing machine where even the 'simple' tasks of life become a major effort straining muscles as we move about the boat.
We seem to be in pretty good shape as far as the other class three boats are concerned (see AZAB website for latest). Right now the sun is shining, wind about 25kts and we are making 6/7 knots toward our Lizard waypoint which now stands 212 n miles away. The finish line is about 12 miles after the Lizard at the entrance to Falmouth.
Rob and John