46:22.01N 13:36.37W Star Dancer 1200UTC Tuesday 5th June

Rob Packham
Tue 5 Jun 2007 14:08
Great sailing yesterday but the wind dropped at dusk and we decided to keep
the spinnaker up at night only to have a big wind shift and gusting - so Robert
got out of bed and we dropped it for safety sake - all fine and spend the
rest of the night polled out genoa - but not much wind so lumpy and not
nice. Today is much the same with wind coming in fits and starts.
We have the spinnaker up and its trim trim trim with constant wind shifts - and not much at that.
We are eating well - have 2 bits of fruit a day - so no scurvy - Robert did a great Irish Stew last night with fresh
mush, pepper, onions - too much to have any pud!
He cooked bacon,egg, tomato and mushrooms plus a hot roll for breakfast this
morning!!! (funny how such things are so important on a boat!)
We sailed 146 nm 12noon to 12 noon today which is is not too bad.
A school of dolphins joined us yesterday afternoon for 10 mins - great to
see - felt they came to wish us well!
Just heard a couple of boats talking - both have racing pidgeons on board -
one was fed and watered and flew off - the other refuses to go and making a right mess of the teak decks!
Rob and Robert