Fw: 50:29.59N 06:53.82W 115 nm to Fastnet Rock

Rob Packham
Tue 1 Jun 2010 13:34
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 10:41 AM (not received?)
Subject: 50:29.59N 06:53.82W 115 nm to Fastnet Rock

A tough night with rain and mist drifting along off Lands End and around the Traffic Separation Scheme.   Sailing solo I find I talk to Starry especially when doing a couple of knots off the Longships rocks in the middle of the night with the waves thundering a few hundred yards away.
Once into the Celtic Sea the wind went to NE and has now been blowing 15/18kts from the SE for the last few hours.   So it was time to bite the bullet and hoist the big 75sq m red and gold kite and we are sailing well - 7 plus knots towards Fastnet.
Sleeping has been my big worry but thus far I have had many 'power naps' in the cockpit and even down on the bunk for a couple of 20 min sleeps.   I have a Sonic Shaker alarm clock I clip to my oilies and sleep in full kit - lifejacket, boots and all.
The radar guard zones seem to work well and AIS is a blessing - I called up a ship headed for us and he said he could see me well and would go under our stern.
We have just recorded 100 nm for the trip.
1040hrs Monday 31st May