45:08.63N 016:32.65W A whale of a time.

Rob Packham
Sun 24 Jun 2007 13:35
Whales everywhere this morning. Out for a Sunday stroll? One massive
sperm whale was travelling at right angles to us and crossed our bow about
50/100 metres ahead. The big fella seemed to be unconcerned and just sent
up spouts of water as he gracefully went on his way.
The first one I saw was just a spout - half a mile away and a large spray
wipped away by the wind. There was a squall line of clouds just ahead and
the strange cloud of water made me put some reefing rolls in the genoa
quick - to add to the 2 reefs already in the main. Only then did I
realise it was a whale - still we needed the reef!
We are beating hard to windward in 25kt of a northerly wind. Waiting and
hoping it will go NW soon. We are pleased to be on the north side of the
course. Gives us much better angles to sail if this keeps up and backs as
Getting around the boat is difficult at these angles - but the sun is out
and we are headed towards Falmouth at 6/7kts.
Our log for the 24 hrs to noon is 172n miles. We have 540 to go to waypoint