47:33.14N 10:43.37W.

Rob Packham
Mon 4 Jun 2007 13:49
We are well over the continental shelf now and sailing in NW 15/20kts with the big red kite up. Celebrated with a slice of fruit cake made by our good neighbour Roz - thanks Roz it is great!
Quite big swell running but warm and sunny with a little cloud building - pressure is up so we hope to stay the right side of the high.
We have sailed well over 300 miles in the first couple of days - been great - never expected such good daily runs - we will no doubt hit some slow patches later.
We can see 5 other sails up on the horizon.
We cooked omlette last night - fried up some bacon and mushrooms and baked some rolls - bit of a swell so must be getting sea legs!
Rob and Robert