49:22.33N 06:42.53W - Are we nearly there??

Rob Packham
Wed 27 Jun 2007 14:04
Going well with poled out genoa and 25/30kts of westerly wind. 177 miles in
24hrs to noon.
We have got 66 miles to go for the lizard waypoint and then 12/14 to the
If this holds we should arrive sometime tonight!!!!
Too windy for the kite - nearly put it up but decided not to and 30mins
later squall line came through with gust at 40kts, heavy rain and Starry had one
surf of 11.6kts down a wave!!!
Anyway we have just picked up Falmouth Coastguard on the VHF so must be
somewhere near the right place!!

BJ here.I've been quiet for a day or two trying to track down an unidentified and worringly nasty smell.Finally success! I mentioned we were getting high as in cheese and the source turned out to be anything to do with Rob's feet--socks shoes boots and of course the things themselves.no doubt there are two other similar specimens on this double handed craft.we've clearly been through all the British cheeses,long ago outstripping stilton and other blues and have headed to France.Robert is of course ro BERT and i'm his crew J CAMEM ! A shower would be good--mankind will thank us for it

Mr roBERT has been magnificent.A fantastic achievement,brilliantly planned and executed.What a privilege I've had , being offered a ringside seat by the great man.What a favour that sister of mine did me all those years ago

I wonder who our readers are ? maybe there's just one of you out there.If so who could it be? would have to be a Mum wouldn't it so its Rob's Mum.Hi Rob's Mum love and best wishes to you and Les

been humming a new Atlantic Disc every day.Two days ago was Eleanor Rigby because my beautiful Eleanor,the middle of three beautiful daughters looks as though she's got a first at Bristol Uni--news just out on day 4 of our trip.All the lonely people where do they all come from hum hum
then it was i'm digging a hole where the rain gets in to stop my mind from wondering (when will we get home)pom pom pom
Managed to avoid Help--was worried about needing somebody! Now of course....

it's been a hard day's night

and so it has

goodbye,very best wishes and love to our reader (s) from Blogger John