50:09.13N 005:03.67W CROSSED THE FINISH LINE!

Rob Packham
Thu 28 Jun 2007 03:52
We are too elated to go to bed.
We crossed the finish line at 00.52 and 28seconds UTC (0152hrs UK time) on Thursday 28th June.
A great day with good wind all the way poled out genoa or broad reaching with quite a big sea in 25/30kt wind. A couple of squall lines came through with strong gusts and heavy rain.
We saw Lands End at 1800 utc on a beautiful clear sunny evening.
The wind dropped and the spinnaker went up at 2000hrs staying up the whole way until we rounded the Manacles (rocks near Falmouth) just before the finish. The moon was up and it was a magical run to the line on a clear June night.
We are now alongside at Port Pendennis Marina and have both had a shower - but need to air the boat a bit in the morning before Jen and Didi arrive at lunchtime!
We have been a dry boat for the eight days - but are about to sit and toast our arrival with a wee small Glenmorangie.
More on the race results when we have them.
Night night
Rob and John