The Grenadines 9th-12thFeb

Chris & Sally Longstaff
Mon 12 Mar 2007 21:39

The Grenadines



Nowhere here carries a reputation and sense of expectation as much as the Grenadines; for superb reef-enclosed beaches and tranquil island shores. Also for the need for extreme caution when navigating; do so only between 10am and 4pm when the sun is high enough to see the reefs.


In the event, yes spectacular, with turtles swimming by, mesmerising turquoise waters, and of course, another 59 yachts. Ah well….you must have to go very far these days for paradise alone.


It is with some apprehension that we enter the channel, which is both narrow and windy. As it opens behind the protection of the horse-shoe reef we find a good enough spot and drop anchor. Maddie immediately dives in and is thrilled to find a huge manta ray gliding beneath Moondance. It is a fabulous location, and we can only imagine what it could feel like to be alone here.


At night the panorama of stars are modestly reflected by the twinkling of mast lights below, and I reflect on the fact that we, after all, are all sail boats (no smokies) here by the power of (and here to appreciate) nature; although there are a lot of boats the atmosphere is very pleasant. With all the boats facing windward, looking out over the ocean I can’t help but recall those sci-fi movies where people assemble, unspeaking, in the dessert to await “a coming” …….from “out there”. An air of silent and reverent expectancy hangs over the bay……. but no silver space ships appear.


Day two in Tobago Cays brings strong winds, fiercer gusts and driving squalls. After sitting it out for half a day we up-anchor and head for Union Island, where we will “clear out” of the St Vincent Grenadines. The weather doesn’t improve and so we pass an uncomfortable night at a not very well sheltered anchorage in Clifton Harbour. On next morning to Carriacou and another reunion….with Mary Constance, but also with Patrick and Sinead on Foxglove who we haven’t seen since Gibraltar !

 Clifton,Union Island.