Day 4: 23deg 38'N 024deg 29'W

Chris & Sally Longstaff
Wed 22 Nov 2006 17:36

Out of Tenerife


Wednesday afternoon, 24deg 39’N 24deg 27’W


As usual the 4 day NE winds to take us south never materialised, and we struggled to get south. 15 hours of precious fuel used motoring in an effort to pick up the winds. Eventually enough to put the Twistle Rig to good use, but not enough reliable wind.


Sunday started windless, but then picked up with a vengeance, blasting us, albeit fairly briefly, with 42 knots. A difficult changeable night also followed, necessitating rig changes that were tricky to perform under the mast light.


Monday and Tuesday again difficult weather patterns dominated by lows to the west of Canaries and up from the coast of Senegal. Monday night dodging hammerheads of Thor, before sailing through the nigh to a constant backdrop of the most incredible electric storms; fortunately moving across our stern and away west. Last night strong winds and a wind veer caused some concern as our Twistle rig became severely over –twistled, losing its starboard pole in the process (recovered without damage).


Making good headway today in a 16-20 knot NE wind. Covered in red Sahara dust!!


The news came through that White Egret has been unable to take to the water in Tenerife…… so we are now The Blue Water Rally of 2 boats! Moondance and Aragorn. Aragorn completing their round the world voyage so we are ingood company.

All aboard well, being extremely well fed and watered. Nigel two Doradoes to the good; second let go in an act of mercy , and full fridge.


If this is the Milk Run, we’ve been curdled. Looking for settled weather soon.