Gibraltar-Tenerife arrived 11th Nov

Chris & Sally Longstaff
Sat 18 Nov 2006 09:46



After the euphoria of arrival from Gibraltar. A great last supper with Will, who then departed (reluctantly?!) to take care of the sick and needy back home.


Tenerife a pleasant enough town, shame about the dreadful marina facilities. So far the worst anywhere. Portacabins in serious state of decay. Public washing and toileting.


The excitement picks up again as Nigel and Sally arrive to prepare for the big one. Unfortunately we have developed a couple of problems, most serious being a leaking water pump on the generator ……which will drive the water-maker….which is being looked upon as essential to comfort of crossing! Generator battery also condemned.

Nowhere can we find a spare water pump or repair kit. Application of Nigel and Chris think tank + dismantling of parts suggests the possibility of repair, which fortunately proves to be the case! 24 hours before departure we have a functioning gen. again.


Our neighbours  on board Aragorn (Dick and Leslie from New York), completing their round the world tour with BWR, turn out to be a fountain of good advice and support. Rally boat 3, White Egret springs a small leak necessitating a lift, so we prepare to leave Sat morning in a fleet of two; Aragorn and Moondance.  

Just time to nip over to “Foxglove” to visit (say cheerio) to Patrick and Sinead and get a “Sinead special”; a number 5 on the hair to prepare for the tropical sun!!!


Dinner at the Yacht Club, a jolly affair with Richard and Boot from BWR; lots of skipper-bonding, sailing yarns + threats of mid-Atlantic Pub quizzes etc !


To bed, with thoughts of tomorrow……