Fw: Iles des Saintes 10-12th Jan 15deg51'.984N 061deg35'.304W

Chris & Sally Longstaff
Wed 10 Jan 2007 12:44
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Subject: Iles des Saintes 10-12th Jan 15deg51'.984N 061deg35'.304W


On to Iles des Saintes, lying off the south of Guadeloupe. We intend to visit the Napoleonic fort and see the resident Iguanas. However we linger over lunch (Skate in Lemon Cream sauce with a bottle of chilled Muscadet, for those interested). We then contemplate hiring scooters which seems to be the established mode on the island…..however  the hire shop closed just as we arrived (probably just as well). Sally and Maddie return to the boat while I take a long walk to explore. I am rewarded with a sighting of three large local iguanas ambling through a field of cattle before disappearing, effortlessly, up a tree.

Iles des Saintes is, especially from the sea, really enchanting; a small group of islands with steep rocky terrain, typical of volcanic islands I suppose. Unfortunately like many such settings it is almost overwhelmed on a daily basis by ferry loads of visitors. At least we sailors only arrive in small bundles.


As a point of interest, even in the French islands it is difficult to find chicken breast on your plate ~ despite the many chicken dishes on the menu, including the renowned Creole “Colombo Chicken”, which appears as a remarkable many-legged beast. Why? Because all the chicken breasts are commandeered by the big hotels.