Farewell Antigua 7th Jan 2007

Chris & Sally Longstaff
Sun 7 Jan 2007 22:32
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Now where were we……?


Lazy days, food and drink with family and new friends throughout Christmas and New Year. Antigua has a super atmosphere especially around Falmouth and English Harbour, but also up at Jolly Harbour, among all those who have sailed and are sailing……… that said wherever we went on the island the people were friendly and laid-back. Down around the harbours and Nelson’s Dockyard a real atmosphere remains of what must have been an extraordinary and exceptionally well suited naval base; although the overseeing military base was apparently a despised and feared death hole; “black fever” killing half of all soldiers posted.


  Christmas Eve at The Calabash Restaurant,Antigua                               The Catamaran Hotel                                            Moondance at The Catamaran Marina


On Max and Lauren’s final day we took a car and explored the north east coast; Dickinson Bay and local environs. A huge new expansion of “Sandals” was being built beside a gorgeous expanse of turquoise sea (and existing major tourist development). A grim, and for Antigua an unusually excessive development (in which the local people get to share very few of the long term financial rewards). Max and I decided we would open a low-key alternative with the locals called “Flip-flops”. To get over our indignation we took out a couple of jet-skis and burn burn burn up and down the bay, with great whoops of exhilaration and madness. Apologies to sailing fraternity everywhere.



Sad to see Max and Lauren leave for home next day.


Dick and Leslie of Aragorn (the other half of Blue Water Atlantic Rally) invited us to sail immediately south to Guadeloupe. Seems like a great idea.