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Chris & Sally Longstaff
Mon 8 Jan 2007 13:59

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Guadeloupe; Deshaies( pronounced “dayhay”) French, quaint, and very pleasant. Amazingly Le Douane are actually at home and we can officially check “in” and “out” (at the same time ~ very practical). Sally leads us on a “country walk” exploring the river. This turns out to be something of a nightmare (sheer bad luck). What was described in the guide book as a 1 - 2 hour walk takes us 3 ½ ours, over huge boulders and through knee-high crashing water.


Montserrat's volcano active                                               Deshaies River,Guadeloupe                                              Termites nest


I cannot believe that after all the trauma and worry of crossing the Atlantic I am going to die in some back-water of the Deshaies river in Guadeloupe. As night beckons we climb the steep bank to discover a track……..a road….. and salvation  (rather creepily in the vicinity of an obscure religious order’s burial ground). But it is a route home. The next day we spend with Dick and Leslie on a gentle and civilized visit of the local, and very impressive botanical gardens. And home for tea. Marvellous.


Known locally as Frangipani Worm                                    Gecko                                                       Parakeet



Hummingbird                                                                  Botanical gardens