s/y Geronimo - Atlantic Crossing Autumn 2011
World Wide Water Events B.V.
Sat 5 Nov 2011 12:48

All the crew is onboard since Thursday midday and since then the weather has been less than nice here in Palma... Now we are still waiting for the strong head winds to change direction and/or decrease. Doesn't look promising as the weather window seems to be abt. two days away - so now we are hoping to be out of here on Monday!

PNG image

Wind forecast for Monday morning...

Yesterday morning we had the new mainsail delivered and when the sailmaker arrived to install it on the boom we had a couple of thunder showers with sudden gusts of more than 25 knots. However we were lucky enough to have the wind die and turn towards south (our bow direction) at the time when we hoisted the main. So, now we have a brand new mainsail - that by the way looks great on the boom!


The new mainsail arrived!


Installing the new sail


The sail being furled into the boom!


Weather in Palma Friday 04.11. 2011