Black Night, High Speed

s/y Geronimo - Atlantic Crossing Autumn 2011
World Wide Water Events B.V.
Fri 25 Nov 2011 14:48
Last night 1 % moon, and complete overcast so around us 100 % black. No difference in black of the sea and black of the air. This full darkness, in combination with a permannent speed of 10 knots or more made it a very spectaculair night.
Besides this, we had de nice event that at 00.00 hours we could celebrate Jochem's birthday. The whole crew came into the cockpit. Everybody in his foul weather gear, Chris in his standard "blote bast" dress (ex marine man, that's why). Captain Anders surprised us with a nice glass of champagne.
This morning we could set back our watch with one hour so we have now 2 hours difference with NL.
While writing this, we still fly 10,7 knots, like sitting in a high speed train.
We enjoy Geronimo !!!
Michel Greeve
PS: if you' re looking for a nice  5 star restaurant with ocean view, please call Geronimo at our irridium telephone. It's incredible what our Chef Chris serves us 3 times a day. Petje af !!!
Western Whale Tales
Michel is such qa nice guy, he knows exactly how the women and weak hearted are to be comforted. Telling stories of celebrating Jochem's birthday with candy and presents, nice watches at night, great food and all that jazz. For the lesser adventorous: please stop reading, this is all you need to know. For more experienced sailors or other cowboys, there is an other side of the fairy tale.
We are heading west. Still. I can hear you asking: "But isn't that the straight line into, or depressions, or painted idle seas, and nothing in between?"  Yes it is. "What the heck are you doing overthere? Go south! Look for the trade winds like a proper ARC cruiser is supposed to!" Well, we don't. After a discussion that took a couple of watches we decided to contintue this direction. Coping with whatever comes across. For now this means sailing on radar, slalomming through squalls. When succesfull it means up to speed sailing in a spectacular scenary. When not, well, things are getting wet. But, accompanied by dolphins and a whale's tale, this is not hard at all.