Geronimo lost its genaker

s/y Geronimo - Atlantic Crossing Autumn 2011
World Wide Water Events B.V.
Tue 22 Nov 2011 13:59
It's 06:30am. One hour before sunrise. The wind have been blowing with 23 knots with nice big waves from the back.
"All hands on deck! Genaker overboard!"
It's Anders. He is penetrating my dreams with his characteristic swedish voice. I'm off watch for just an hour now. It has been a great watch. Half a sleep I think of the nice combination of the dark night and steering the Geronimo like a dinghy on the waves.
" Sjors! "
Jochem kicks me out of my dreams. All the sudden I'm totally awake. It's not a dream,.its our genaker. Act, now! Offshore pants, life jacket, shoes and a shirt, that's all I need. I'm last on deck. Slaapkop.
" Get the sail onboard!"
Clear orders from Anders who has taken over the steer. At the bowey I see Chris fighting with the genaker in his underpants. A lifejacket and a knife, that's all what a former marineer needs. Together with Jochem, Etienne and Michel we manage to secure the sail. The sock is still in the top. Shit. It wasn't the hailyard, our genaker has been blewn out of its leaches. With still 2376 NM to go to St- Lucia. That gives a nice sowing lesson.
Logbook details:
22-11 07:10u. Position: 26 22.1' N ; 020 42.1' W. True course; 225. Wind: ENE 20-25 kn. On watch: Anders and Etienne.