s/y Geronimo - Atlantic Crossing Autumn 2011
World Wide Water Events B.V.
Wed 23 Nov 2011 13:17
Dear loved ones,
What a splendid trip so far. Although loosing a Gennaker during your watch is not nice at all.
We are impressed by the endlessness of the Ocean. The intense blue colour of the sea and sky without any clouds this morning. It almost looks like a Mac screensaver.
We are getting into some rhytm so far, having a 4 hours on and 6 hours off schedule. Sharing a shift with one person overlapping 2 hours and steering 30 minutus per time. Just long enough to stay alert as we planned to stear all the way down to St. Lucia without using the auto-pilot. A perfect scedule made by Anders who always seems to know the right sailing answers.
Unfortuanaterly, not all of us seem to adjust to the new Ocean rhythm well. Jochem has some problems getting into sleep. Not a big surprise of course as he misses Monique and the kids tremendously, although he stated that the watermaker beneath his bed, which had to run twice a day for 2 hours is the main problem. Such long generator time's are needed for our VOC crossing which feel most of the time more like a luxuary trip. The crew is great. Chris, the good tempered cook, has an important contribution to our wellness like feeling. Sjors the very handy deck mate and Michel telling nice stories and asking a bunch of what if questions. What a team!
Cheers, it is 12 o'clock, time for a beer.
Love you all!
26.09.86 N
24.31.78 W