Bora bora Mahahari

s/y Geronimo - Atlantic Crossing Autumn 2011
World Wide Water Events B.V.
Sat 26 Nov 2011 13:02
Dear all,
It's sushi day! The day started with sunshine and we killed the motor after 2 hours of motoring and it started well with the first catch of our trip. It's good and bad news together. The bad news is that the speed was low, about 5 knots, which turned into good news to catch a dorade Dolphin, Dorade or Mahi Mahi (whatever it's called in this area)of 8.5 kg. It did not give way untill it was on the deck. The fishing hook was attached to its back fin. Obviously the Fish was short sighted! Anders is the master fisher and worked his balls off to get it in. After a great slaughter party we had some nice filets and the menu is now known for the comming 24 hours and it will be fish, fish and fish. This afternoon sashimi. For the 5 O'clock beer Sushi and for dinner Pineapple Dorade with green peppers. Tommorrow morning fish and chips and Sushi for the 12 o'clock beer. By now you know the chef is writing this Blog. Wind is still not great but we make speed anyway if you considder the circumstances 11 knots off wind and going on a average speed off 7,8 knots. Not bad all together. Last night periods with no wind and we were even heading to the Azores to catch some wind. This was the right way to do it according Michel and his philosophy. This is of course a small inside joke. We just turned around in the dark because we were trying to find the wind. Gone with wind however is an old fashioned book and we thought different. So we went back on course heading for St. Lucia. Okee dear reading public.
Until tomorrow with an other writer.
Chef Chris