ARC 2011 - Start

s/y Geronimo - Atlantic Crossing Autumn 2011
World Wide Water Events B.V.
Sun 20 Nov 2011 13:41
The ARC-crew on Geronimo ready to start

Fantastic and spectacular to be amongst more than 200 sailing yachts at the start of the ARC.  In the port was a carnaval-like atmosphere: loud music, all over people watching and waving. A hugh waterfontain made by one of the Spanish marine boats and then off we went. First 20 multi hulls, then the 20 boats in the Racing Division and then the rest. Some immediately set spinnaker or gennaker, the most took it easy with the genoa. 

Start of the Racing Division

Start of the Cruising Division - more than 160 boats on the startline!

Writing this 1 1/2 hour after the start ( 14.30 hour), we are heading 140 degrees and aim to keep out of the wind shadow of Gran Canaria. Speed almost 9 knots with a true wind speed of 18 knots. (genoa). We are all kicking, enjoying and having a great time.