Day 13 - hotting up

Sat 9 Dec 2006 18:33
15 52N 49 33W
Last night was another mini-epic.  Tried to get the genoa down in a squall at around 0200 but could only furl it halfway before it jammed (again!).  A few hours later the main genoa halyard parted which would have been more dramatic if we had not already attached the spare in anticipation. None of us got much sleep....
Thought seriously about going up the mast to thread a new halyard but eventually  decided to use the topping lift as a back-up.  More drama getting the genoa down to attach it and we had the whole sail down below for the third time to untangle it and re-furl.  We now have it back up and pulling well, the wind is moderating as forecast to 15-20 knots and everything has been quiet since lunch.
Not much else to report - limited banter and gossip on board due to general exhaustion and heat.  The sun has become really fierce over the course of the last week and the boat is like a sauna down below.  We have a lovely breeze on deck but then are sitting in scorching sunshine!  It is such a trial!  Given the weather you have all been having back in Blighty I am sure that you would all be prepared to swap places on that score....but then you would also have to clean the heads in the same lovely temperature!
Am about to make 4th batch of bread. Nigel is slaving over a hot stove (honestly, he is Fiona) and Colin has bravely attempted to resurrect our fishing gear in spite of the devastation rained upon it by the collective Atlantic marine life.  We are down to our last spool of line and a handful of rather pathetic lures.  The stub of the broken rod is lashed to the back of the boat and we are having to use one of the boat's winches as an alarm.  No bites yet but Col is undaunted....
Do send us emails if you get a chance.  The scurvied crew are starting to get restless as we approach land!  670nm to go. ETA is still Tuesday night/Wed morning