Wed 23 02.5N, 20 45.7 W

Wed 29 Nov 2006 10:32
Very relaxed day yesterday.  We tried out the downwind sail plan for the first time and it worked brilliantly throughout the day and last night.  Colin cooked fish (but not one we caught) for supper and we had a quiet night.
We are all a bit fed up with the position reports that seem to put us rather far back in the fleet at the moment.  We have been heading south on the advice of the weather routers who seem to think that the wind will die to the north and west of us sometime today or tomorrow.  The plan is that the trades will pick up in the south first so we will come steaming through with 25 knots behind us while they wallow.  Right at this minute it feels like a bit of a large gamble - but we have never liked to follow the crowd and we will just have to hope it pays off in the end.....
We are still not receiving the position report email from the ARC for some reason so many thanks to those of you who emailed me with our position yesterday.  If you could just knock off 100 when you send it through we would be grateful!
Saw a school of dolphins just now at 0900  - they must have been on the school run!  Colin nearly fell overboard taking photos so hopefully he will have some decent shots for me to pass on.  They were surprisingly small in comparison with the dolphins we have seen on the way to the Canaries but I am assured that is because of the lack of fish in the Atlantic.  We got the new rod out 2 days ago and promptly had the steel trace wire bitten through....the big one that got away.