Day 2 - Spinnaker training

Mon 27 Nov 2006 20:12
Having enjoyed a cracking first night we decided to try the spinnaker when the wind eased after breakfast.  Plenty of work and effort by all 5 crew went in to a successful first hoist, a gybe after lunch and a very fast day's run touching 9.5 knots regularly.  We took it down as night approached and went for a "safety first" option of poled out jib and reefed main as we were approaching our first Atlantic squall.  It was an anvil shaped black cloud which seemed to sit in our path for hours.  So far, we have not encountered anything but it is now dark and we can't see it any more!  Our first 24 hour run was about 185 nm which we were pleased about and we were told by the routers that we have enjoyed better wind by staying south.  We are now on course, roughly for the Cape Verdi islands and will turn right before we get there, probably sometime tomorrow evening.  The ship's routine has not been fully established today as we had all hands on deck for the spinnaker but we will aim to get into more of a pattern tomorrow.