La Coruna

Sat 9 Sep 2006 08:16
Apart from the fog, which came and went many times, Biscay was relatively uneventful.  We set the new spinniker successfully but found that the sleave on one of the new guys parted company with its whipping almost immediately.  Once this was repaired (skipper very proud of his whipping after following instructions from Ben's book), we set the spinniker again and had a most enjoyable sail for a few hours until the wind direction forced us to take it down. The last few hours into La Coruna seemed to take forever but we arrived in time for dinner ashore.
First impressions of Spain were slightly marred by encounters with two fishing boats. The first altered course at speed to cut in front of us as we tried to enter harbour and forced us to do a 360 to avoid it; the second came around the harbour wall, again at a ridiculous speed AND hidden from sight until the last moment and forced us to do another 360 in a very confined space!  Aside from that, we had a warm welcome and found a great restaurant for dinner in the middle of the old town.  We explored a little but were fairly tired and retired to sleep, very soundly.
Tim found the materials for a superb breakfast on board after an aborted attempt to find a cafe serving anything other than beers to local matriarchs at 11.00 and we set off for Camarinas at 1200
Happy with the new spinniker
James on the wheel
Angus enjoying the radar!
Tim finds it easier to make friends when he shares his cabin-mate with the locals....