The plan.

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Tue 27 Sep 2011 11:08
40:49.45N 09:40.95E
16th september 2011
We are about to face our next major (or at least major to us) voyage, across the Tyrrhenian Sea to Sicily, where we intend to overwinter.
From NE Sardinia there are three viable routes. 1) Sail directly to Sicily - 226nm. 2) Sail to Arbatax, halfway down the east coast of Sardinia and then to Sicily - 233nm and 3) Sail to Arbatax, then to Capo Carbonara in the south and on to Sicily - 262nm. Each route has its virtues, depending on wind direction etc.
Perusal of weather forecasts (mainly GRIB files and "passageweather") shows an imminent Mistral, but one lasting barely 36 hours. By Tuesday morning the winds over the Tyrrhanean Sea should veer to the north and moderate to around 20 knots. The trend of decreasing winds, but still from the north looks to last for about a further three days. This will give us a following wind to take us straight to Sicily in one hop (option 1), if we start first thing on Tuesday morning. Passage time, if we manage to average 7 knots will be 32 hours, meaning that we should arrive in Sicily during the afternoon of the following day (Wednesday) after only one night at sea. A "no brainer" really.
So that's it, sorted.
Set the alarm for 05.00 hrs on Tuesday.