Olbia and free mooring.

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Fri 16 Sep 2011 21:28
40:55.35N 09:30.42E
10th September 2011
Weighed anchor at 09.15 hrs and motored the seven miles to Olbia, passing a couple of RoRo ferries as they left their port, which is probably the main reason for the town's existance. Refueled at the end of the Old Commercial Quay and then moored alongside the Quay in a vacant slot. Quite a cameradery has developed at the Quay. Our lines were cheerfully taken by an existing berthee and we in turn did the honours for some of the later arrivals.  There is no charge to use the quay, but then there are no facilities either. Even a shortage of suitable bollards means utilising any scrap of projecting rusting metal as a means of securing mooring warps. But, considering that a berth in a marina can cost hundreds per night, it is easy to forgive a little inconvenience. Indeed, the quayside is very convenient for the town. Its main street, lined with restaurants, rising behind the concourse. Apart from eating places and an excellant chandlery however, the shops appeared to be somewhat limited in their offerings. There are, it is rumoured, some better out-of-town establishments but they, being beyond the scope of our walking capability, remained unexplored. With little to hold our interest, it was decided to stay only long enough to celebrate Sarah's three score years and ten, by a meal out with our friends, Alea and Lance. A memorable evening it was too, eating good Italian food outside in a small square, with the night air still pleasantly warm. Such a contrast to the UK.