Golfo di Archazena

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Thu 1 Sep 2011 11:07
41:06.84N 09:26.53E
1st September 2011
Internet connection has always been a bit iffy, but on the recommendation of Matz & Lena (Gracilia 2) we've got an italian 3G dongle. So far it's been pretty good. Certainly for emails although sometimes a bit slow for video. Skype, for example, does stretch its capabilities with video. Whilst Skyping Mandi, Grant  and Skye yesterday evening images kept freezing. Still much better than nothing though.  
Set off from Liscia at 09.30 with hardly a breath of wind. As we weighed anchor the sandy bottom so clear that Footloose appeared to be hovering in mid air. A gentle motor around the coast line led to the Golf di Arachazena. Taking the advice of Lance and Alia (Catouse) we anchored of Cannigioni in 3.5 meters, over sand & weed. This area is a cruising paradise. Lots of islands, big and small. Bays, large and small and beaches to suite the gregarious or those seeking solitude. Passed the "Maltese Falcon" anchored off the south of I. Capriro. What an impressive boat. Pity she's a monohull!
Hope to go ashore later, hit the local supermarket and see what facilities exist.