Overnight to Capo Testa and beyond.

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Wed 31 Aug 2011 16:25
41:11.49N 09:18.04E
31st August 2011
Having got some sleep in the bank during the day, we left I. Piana at 22.10 local time. Although, what wind there was, was coming from the west it was insufficient to fill a sail, so we settled down to a 50 mile motor. Without a moon, the sky was a ceiling studded with diamonds. Jupiter rising into the sky in front of our bows just before midnight. Apart from a couple of trawlers working (green over white lights) and a cruise liner (far too many lights) there was little evidence of any other traffic. Fortunately, the sea being calm did little to impede our progress, so when we arrived at our intended destination (Capo Testa) at 07.00 we decided to press on to Liscia, before the forecast wind turned against us.
Arrived at the bay of Liscia just before 10.00 local time and settled for anchoring in 4 meters oover sand off its southern shore. A delightful spot. Only a couple of superyachts and a couple of other "ordinary" yachts for company. Bags of space for everyone.
Sardinia has turned out to be far less crowded than expected. Just hope that I haven't spoken too soon!