Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Thu 5 Aug 2010 17:28
36:11.07N 5:55.97W
18th July 2010
Left Puerto Sherry under engines at 06.25 UT, skiting Cadiz and heading SSE. Any hopes of sailing faded as the wind veered to 10 degrees off the port bow. It was a very confused sea that greeted us at Cabo Trafalgar, where we stood well off to avoid rocky shoals. The lighthouse, which from the south west blends into the massive headland behind it, is very conspicuous from the NW or SE because it is isolated on the end of a low lying promontory which juts out almost half a mile from the base of the cliff.
Arrived at Barbate at 16.30 UT. Nice marina, if a little soul less, with everything reasonably close to hand. The town, about 30 minutes walk away seems typical of the resort that a Spaniard would use. Bit scruffy in places, but very friendly and hardly a Brit to be seen. The large sandy beach fronting the town was crowded with holidaymakers, standing around talking or playing ball games. Strange, but the Spanish don't do lying on beaches. At sundown there was a mass exodus and then the restaurants suddenly came alive.
Picked up some camping gas from the town at 60 per cent of the U.K price.
On the eve of the 20th topped up with diesel and left the marina to anchor in the adjacent bay, ready to sail to Gibralter in the morning. Bad move. A huge swell built up during the night. Enough to make a even a cat roll. Oh well, can't win 'em all.