Moving north.

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Sat 16 Jul 2011 10:19

39:06.62N 01:30.80E


26th May 2011


Moved north from San Antoni to Cala Portinaxt, which is a good stepping off point for the trip to Mallorca.

As we arrived, there were clouds of smoke billowing from the hillsides behind Portinaxt, evidence of a significant brush fires. Amphibious aircraft and helicopters swooped low over the sea around us scooping up water to be dumped over the fires.

Dusk fell after we had anchored, enabling the flames to be seen more easily. The fires burnt incessantly overnight, in the absence of the aerial fire fighters but as we prepared to leave the next morning the aircraft resumed their attack. As we sailed away towards Mallorca we could see that their efforts were being rewarded by a reduction in smoke rising from the hillsides.